SEOUL, 30 Jul – RIA Novosti. South Korea for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic have not registered any case of infection COVID-19 a day in the country, all four new cases were imported from abroad and detected on quarantine inspection, the total number infected increased to 10 765, recovered 9059 already killed 247 of the patients, said the organization of the Centers for control and disease prevention (KCDC) under the Ministry of health.

Earlier it was reported 246 of the victims. For more than a week in South Korea for a day was recorded about 10 new infected, 24 April, this number dropped to six. In connection with a reduction in the number of new infections in the country, authorities extended until may 5, the mode of social distancing in a weakened form. Re-opened parks and outdoor recreation, allowed limited activity sports, religious and entertainment institutions. Citizens are still asked to avoid crowded places, do not go out of the house once again to observe all preventive measures.

According to KCDC to 00.00 Thursday (18.00 MSK medium), identified four new cases, all of them were imported from abroad and detected at the quarantine inspection.

For the past day hospital discharged 137 people, the total number of recovered rose to 9059, which is more than 83%. At least 292 people have registered the presence of the virus in the body after they have recovered and were discharged. KCDC is investigating the possible causes of repeated detection of coronavirus. Tests 8634 person yet, only South Korea has conducted more than 600 thousand tests for coronavirus.

Died and another patient, the total number of victims is 247, while 172 of them were killed in Daegu, 52 in the province of Gyeongsangbuk-Do, 15 in Gyeonggi province. Two died in Seoul and Gangwon province, three in Busan. Another victim in Ulsan.

the Total number of infected in Seoul remains at the level of 633 people in Daegu – 6852 person, 1365 contracted in the province of Gyeongsangbuk-Do, another 676 man in Gyeonggi province. In Busan, only 137 cases. More than 5.2 thousand people (48,4%) among all the infected are connected with the sect of “Sinchonri”. All in all, with the collective infections in the country are connected 80.6% of cases. At least 1,065 cases were brought from abroad, of which 103 are detected in the last two weeks and is 60.6% of the total number infected during this period.

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