According to official data, as of midnight may 20, 2020, in the Republic of Korea on the last day was for was 32 new infected with the coronavirus, but at the same time, 128 people have recovered and no one died. The total number of cases COVID-19 for the entire period of the pandemic now in South Korea is 11 110 people in 10 066 recovered. Thus, the share recovered already exceeded 90 per cent to 90.6 per cent. Currently, the number of installed carriers COVID-19 is only 781 people, which is 96 less than it was the day before that. Mortality remains at a low level of 2.36 percent.

Today, the South Korean schools also began to resume classes as usual. Behind the Desk sat down and directly communicate with teachers while only students, but also schools where the enrolment does not exceed 60 people. Training will resume gradually in other classes and schools, given the current situation. Under current plans, from June 8 to school I will walk all students.

the Doctors and the authorities of the Republic of Korea (ROK) came to the conclusion that despite the outbreak of the coronavirus in an entertainment area of Seoul in Itaewon, the country has managed to avoid the second wave of the coronavirus, but still too early to relax. After some decline the number of new infected again today jumped up to 32 for the day. However, experts believe that Kazakhstan as a whole has demonstrated the ability to quickly localize the outbreaks, and therefore be able to cope with some “breaks” COVID-19 total antivirus front.