For the first half of this year, the most expensive square meter in new buildings in Sochi (+15,3%), Kemerovo (+ 14,1%), Ulan-Ude (+13,4%), Tula (+13,2%), Tyumen (+12,7%) and Khabarovsk (+12.6 per cent). Apartments in the primary housing market becoming more expensive almost everywhere. Such data led analysts of the Federal portal “World apartments”.

At the end of the first half of 70 major cities with a population of over 300 thousand people, the prices for new buildings increased in price by six percent, from survey data of the Federal portal. The leaders of growth – Sochi. Price per “square” there is now an average of 140 thousand rubles, a little ahead of St. Petersburg, where it is estimated at 136 thousand rubles. According to experts, it is natural.

“There’s no need to be surprised: the southern capital is consistently more expensive the last ten years. And now, with the abolition of quarantine restrictions, developers expect new customers and full of optimism, especially since the summer is in full swing – says Pavel Lutsenko, Director General of the Federal portal “World apartments”.

meanwhile, realtors warn: 80 percent of the proposals on the sale of property in the resort town is a fake. The calculation for non-resident buyers, which most. Apartments are cheaper by 2.5-3 million in Sochi not to buy.

Since early year prices for new buildings have fallen in only seven towns: Nizhny Tagil (-14%), Grozny (-11,1%), Kurgan (-5,1%), Magnitogorsk (-4,8%), in Astrakhan (-2,3%), Kirov (-0.5%) and Moscow (-0,1%). In the capital, though nominally square meter, and fell by 0.1% to 222 thousand rubles, the total bid price of apartments continued to grow (+1.2% over six months) and amounted to 13.2 million rubles. Meanwhile, the average cost of apartments in new buildings in all the cities made up 3.59 million, rising in price by 6.4%.

“Undoubtedly, the growth of prices for new buildings by cheap mortgages, subsidized from the state budget. It was a luxurious present from the developers who now do not need to lower the price level to attract buyers, – says Pavel Lutsenko. – Many companies after the lifting of the lockdown noted the high demand for apartments, although the number of transactions has not caught up with either zocoronline or period periods.”

According to experts, it is not necessary to wait for reduction of prices for new buildings until November, the deadline for the program of preferential mortgage. “And if it will be extended – even up to the end of the year, he continues. – By the time you get to the final understanding whether the Russians are ready to buy at that price in the current crisis situation.”