Residents of the Sokolniki district noticed in the pond the moose, the TV channel Moscow 24. The animal was swimming, not paying attention to the sunbathers on the banks of the Muscovites.

Moose are increasingly began to reach out to people. Often see them in the "Sokolniki" and near the national Park "elk island".

In early June the Muscovites met the moose in the Lublin district. The unusual footage was filmed on the streets of Armavir near the local school. The first moose crossed the road, and then went on the sidewalk along the street.

Recently, the moose was the cause of the accident in the centre of Vologda. The animal ran into the road, jumped onto the roof of the SUV, and then skipping went away.

In the hunting Department of the Vologda region said that the specialists found the elk near a railway. He made a shot of sleeping pills and moved to the forest.