In Sofia vandals have desecrated the grave of the Soviet soldiers

In the capital of Bulgaria vandals have desecrated the grave of the Soviet soldiers. They damaged sculptures and symbols of the USSR on the marble flags of bas-relief. In the common cemetery 154 soldiers and officers of the Soviet army, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

the Russian Embassy has expressed outrage at the “blasphemous act” and urged the city authorities to restore the monument.

the incident was commented by Mladen Ivanov, Chairman of the Commonwealth Russophiles in Bulgaria. “Today received information that the monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators in Lozenets district of Sofia was desecrated. This happened several times, he said. We do not know who did it. Today, our supporters sent us photos from the scene of defilement. When there are some holidays, such as Victory Day, Fatherland defender’s Day, — there are always provocations. Not only in Sofia but also in Plovdiv regularly paint the monuments. We do not know whether the Bulgarian authorities in General to do something about it. We have several times appealed to him just with the hope that they spend some large-scale investigation. The people who did it, it’s just bandits, and they get punished”.