In Sochi, the teacher asked students money on cleaning class

the Municipality of Sochi, according to the press service of the administration, the fact that the video in which the teacher of the school № 27 in the Adler district demanded money from students for cleaning the class.

And in this video the teacher refers to the class in loud tones:

Photo: the social network Parents pay fines if their child will offend the teacher

“Mind yourself and tell your parents that we have no cleaners and no one cleans the office while we do not pay. Okay? By the way, cleaners for offices, no! If you grew up in a village and there you have cleaned the cleaners because you had a school on one floor, so please. You heard me? Look!”

On this fact office investigation, after which appropriate measures will be taken, said the mayor.

This is the second scandal in a few days. 19 February in a school in Lazarevskiy district, the teacher, defending a colleague, the lesson applied physical force to the student.

As reported in the Ministry of education of the Kuban, “according to the regulation on socially useful labour accepted in the given educational organization, cleaning offices in middle and senior level assigned to the classes in the form of duty, and cleaning of common areas and classrooms primary school is on the staff of the school.”

the Ministry Also specified that the collection of money in the regional educational institutions is prohibited.

“In fact of the movie from secondary school № 27 of the city of Sochi, spread on the Internet, conducted an internal investigation, following which appropriate measures will be taken,” reads the official account of the Ministry of education, science and youth policy of Krasnodar territory Instagram.