the Surgeons of the Sochi city hospital No. 4 was saved by falling on rebar patients with severe penetrating wound. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of health of the Kuban.

In his yard-the man fell down the stairs on the rebar sticking out of the ground. The wound was through and through. A piece of metal with a diameter of 14 millimeters, entered the body from the lower back through the soft tissue and passing the free abdominal cavity, out through the abdominal wall.

ambulance Staff, having first shock a patient, warned physicians in emergency Department on transport of a heavy patient. To their arrival, the victim was already waiting by the multidisciplinary surgical team in antishock chamber. When such trauma to remove a foreign object that has passed through, very dangerous. Due to the damage of the aorta, large arteries and veins may occur fatal bleeding. Diagnosis of internal organs and major blood vessels were carried out without removing the valve. But doctors still had to shorten the ends to lay the patient on a special transport shield.

a CT scan with contrast showed that the subject entered the abdomen, in the retroperitoneum without causing life-threatening injuries. After the man was taken to emergency surgery.

the Surgery to remove a foreign body lasted half an hour. The surgery was carried out using laparoskopiya and was successful. During surgery used endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta is a technique that allows to temporarily stop the bleeding.

we will Remind, last year in the Sochi city hospital No. 4 surgeons rescued the injured with the same injury.