Jupiler Pro League-Rather today than tomorrow. The fact that the majority of the K11 (Antwerp and Charleroi is certainly not), and 1B the largest cities in the to, as quickly as possible to make a decision about the competitievervolg. They demand, in a letter to the Board of Directors of the Pro League and that it was “her responsibility” – i.e., the competition to stop, such as Anderlecht and won’t want to do it. Our editorial board received the letter in the hand below, and the full version.

Dear president,

Dear members of the Board of Directors.

Dear CEO, said,

It goes without saying that our society is an anomalous situation for him. Everyone is feeling the impact of the common enemy, in the day to day life.

Millions of people are forced to live site. Almost half of the children currently supported by the government through unemployment. Public health is now priority number one.


the Sport has a huge social role to play, and football as the biggest sport daareen an absolute role model. We can see that at the international level, decisive action is wordten of the important decisions are already made. The european football CHAMPIONSHIPS and the Olympic Games, the grotewielerklassiekers, Roland-Garros, are just a few of the major sporting events that have been cancelled, ofuitgesteld it.Today, the social, the focus is not on professional football. We don’t talk about 4-4-2, 4-3-3, VAR, or offside, or about the same name. It will have an impact on the world as we knew it. We are able to think about a re-start of professional football and the authorities of other great steps to take. Professor Van Ranst was saying is that we have our normal life back in the action will be able to recover. Large events allow for this, as the game is, perhaps, one of the latest steps being taken by the authorities to be taken.


Soccer’s, in addition to a social given, it is also an industry. In a business, employees, income, expenses… it’s that football players are currently not training together, it will be impossible for them to ‘telework’ to do so. They will also have to take into consideration the rules of “social distancing,” as with any workplace, it happens. As for any other worker in our country, this situation is new and difficult. There is no date by which we will be able to function properly. For athletes in particular, it will be very difficult for you to continue to train without goals and objectives. Cyclists, and olympic athletes are expected to confirm this to be true.

Professional football clubs are also businesses and companies are forced to deal with a number of specific cases:

Selections are made for a reason, and that is a football season. A lot of football players have a contract until the 30th of June. At these times, there are at least four professional clubs who, in their preparations, will have to abandon it because they don’t know for sure, in every division of them according to the season and are going to play out, but most of the other clubs for next season is to be prepared. This is not a correct in the direction of a number of individuals, but also from a competitive point of view.

– the Foreign players have, rightly, be asked to return to their country of origin, so as to be close to their families and loved ones, too. How do you deal with them as a club? You agree that if they have to go home? A lot of countries are closing their borders to prevent the spread of corona to go. Players will be able to return? If we have to wait for a long time, the players will be stuck in Belgium, and they will be with their loved ones for months not to be seen.

it Is to play a behind-closed-doors is a good idea? If you are matching, people can organize, mobilize at least 100 people, not everyone is up to 1.5 meters away, you can keep it.


Play would be the only cost, no revenue. If we have to make decisions quickly, there is a period of time in order to find solutions.

We should be under no illusion: there will be no football public this season. That would be an unreasonable risk to the public if the virus is not under control.