Melania trump

came out a year ago about his native city 50-year-old Melania trump Sevnica statue in her honor had existed on the days she burned to the ground. It happened in the US independence Day, July 4.

Local police have promised the American artist brad Downey, who originated the idea of the sculpture, to investigate and find out who did it.

I want to know why they did,

he said.

Statue Melania trump

According to him, the idea of the statue was to highlight controversial immigration policy of Donald trump, at the same time making it clear that Melania herself is an immigrant.

the author of the wood of the statue was a Slovenian sculptor Ales of Supewr her he created with the help of a chainsaw. Interestingly, the locals of his work did not like the sculpture they criticized and ridiculed by comparing it to a cartoon character Smurfette. Supewr portrayed in Melania dress from Ralph Lauren — the one in which she attended the inauguration of her husband, Donald trump.

By the way, not only got “wood Melania,” but the sculpture of her husband in the early years with his articles in Slovenia was cut in the same way.