Now there is information on 244 home of the 59 regions. “And they will stand in our control to complete elimination of violations, – Stepashin promised. – By the way, four years ago, in the registry was 1130 blocks of flats, and last year 381 house.”

Today, the maximum number of apartment buildings under the control of the Fund is located in the Amur region – 22 house. In the Kemerovo region 12, Penza – 11, in Yakutia – 10, and in the Moscow and Kurgan regions – for 9 houses. Most often complain of defects in the roof, peeling plaster on the walls, irregularities in the wastewater system, the appearance of water in the basement.

For this marriage, fine. 100 thousand rubles for each apartment building. “Over the past four years, the fines issued 28 regions for 122 apartment houses”, – said Stepashin.

– Sergey Vadimovich, but this is not so and large fines. Do they help?

Sergei Stepashin: Once the complaints about the quality becomes less, so help. And for those whom they do not act, we have other options. For example, the Fund may take a decision on the return of financial support on resettlement of citizens from emergency housing. Karelia had to return 500 thousand rubles for the fact that in the troubled house after the penalty has not been eliminated construction defects.

besides, last year in 45 regions prosecutors have made 273 ideas of elimination of violations, and in 15 regions investigated 18 criminal cases.

In the first half of this year in 27 regions included 143 views. And 15 criminal cases were opened in six regions: Arkhangelsk, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Kaluga, Kurgan and Penza regions.

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