As assured the head of Department of information policy of the mayoralty Andrey Chernichenko, living next to the future sports facility Simferopol vain fear that saitodrom will be the source of the noise.

– the Noise load will be within the prescribed norms, otherwise the project will not pass the examination, – said Mykola Chernichenko. Is the background music from the sports facility will not exceed the level of noise from cars on nearby streets. And the preservation of green zones between the elements of the site and the pedestrian waterfront area will help reduce noise and provide comfort of inhabitants of nearby houses.

Chernichenko also explained that when choosing the location of the skate Park took into account several important factors, including, of course, accessibility and security. Since the area near the bus station, the seafront and the hotel “Moscow” is constantly patrolled by police, public order it is guaranteed. But the level of improvement of this crowded territory is poor and the project of a skate Park would solve this problem.

– the project involves the conservation of green spaces, construction of footpaths and location of street furniture, explained Chernichenko. – It is also planned planting of new trees and shrubs. So basically this will be a green area, where you still can relax citizens and engage athletes. Pre-visit administration of Simferopol in the social network “Vkontakte” was followed by an open discussion and voting for selection of the project. Its successful implementation will allow to create the only in Crimea a professional skate Park, which I am sure will be the pride of our city.

Earlier plans to create a skate Park said the head of administration of Simferopol Elena Protsenko. According to her, sports cluster and skalodrom will be located between the hotel and the bus station, and build it, taking into account all the wishes of the representatives of this sport.

Existing in Simferopol saitodrom near the Palace of pioneers is obsolete, and its area is too small to practice this extreme sport. So far, the only on the Peninsula professional saitodrom by local athletes and patrons created in 2018 in Sochi, where he now regularly conducts national competitions in skateboarding and BMX. Another great skate Park to be built in Yalta in the newly renovated Pioneer Park. His project is now being developed.