In the Republic of Crimea began the water flow in the water supply of Simferopol from Department of water abstraction, thanks to which the capital of the Peninsula will receive daily about 25 thousand cubic meters of water per day. The head of the RK Sergey Aksenov gave a start to the work of the new conduit via video link.

With the Ivanovo water intake in the framework of the Federal target program for the development of the Peninsula built a new branch of plastic conduit with a length of 4.8 km and a diameter of 800 millimeters. After molding and washing, this water main in the capital of Crimea went to the first water.

– the Whole complex of works for water supply is completed, – reported General Director of GUP “Water of Crimea” Vladimir Bazhenov. – Proven pumping units, tested and flushed the conduit. We are ready to open the trap. In the first day of the Ivanovo water intake will be about 10 thousand cubic meters of water per day. We make sure that all the mechanisms and the quality of the water supplied, and then will come to the planned parameters.

We are sure that now we will increase supplies of water in all three reservoirs Simferopol, – said the head of the RK Sergey Aksenov.- No environmental threat to the water supply from these sources will not be confirmed by science. I’m sure with each passing day the situation will stabilize.

we will Remind, on June 12 launched a sluice with Vilinskaya groundwater supply with a length of 70.7 km and a diameter of 1200 millimeters. And now every day in the clean water tanks on the street Marshala Zhukova in Simferopol through pumping station “Larks” and “Gay” is thrown about 22 thousand cubic meters of artesian water. It is extracted from a depth of 74 meters and corresponds to SanPiN mineralization, chemical and bacteriological indicators. Accordingly, this volume of water saved daily into a shallow Partisan reservoir.

After a full connection Vilinskaya and Ivanovo intakes Simferopol by the end of July will begin to get an additional 55 thousand cubic meters of water per day – about one third of the daily volume of water consumed of the three reservoirs of the capital of Kazakhstan (153 thousand cubic meters). The project was implemented in such a way that the transfer of water from underground sources can be at any time suspended if reservoir Simferopol will be filled by natural runoff.

As earlier reported earlier, the Minister of construction and architecture of Kazakhstan Mikhail Temples, also considered the project of the construction of water about 45 miles, which to Simferopol from the Belogorsky reservoirs will be shifted even up to 80 thousand cubic meters of water per day.