In Sheremetev Palace opened three new hall of the permanent exhibition

the First hall – “Music salon belonging to the counts Sheremetev” is located in the Yellow drawing-room in the main Suite: it was here in the first half of the nineteenth century in home concerts the count performed by Franz Liszt and Hector Berlioz, was sung by Pauline Viardot and Henriette Sontag, played pianists Sigismund Thalberg, and Theodor döhler, presented their works of Mikhail Glinka.

Photo: Sergei Karpukhin/TASS the main exhibits of the historical Museum will be tactile copy

Soul of these musical meetings were Anna Sergeyevna Sheremeteva, the first wife of the son of the famous count, who married a serf actress Parasha Zhemchugova. It is the birth of a son was the cause of her death. Son Dmitri Sheremetev also married to the girl, shining musical talents – Anna was a wonderful singer and pianist.

Now the main halls wall decorated with her portrait: the original work of Christine Robertson stored in the Russian Museum, but a replica of a great artist Tatiana Potselueva, turned out to be extremely lively. By the way, that Anna Sergeevna dedicated to Chopin, a visit to the salon, nice piece of work. “Leaf from the album”. It can be heard by clicking on the button virtual support tours. Here everything is done to ensure that the story of the famous salons of St. Petersburg in full voice sounded to our contemporaries. For example, you can hear the piano of Mikhail Glinka and the Stradivarius violin that belonged to Alexei Lvov, the author of the hymn “God save the Tsar”. Vintage tools exhibited here. But to hear today, as in the execution of their respective owners sounded once popular romances and Opera arias – miracle, which gave guests of the Museum of contemporary technology.

Curator Rosa sadykhova as a miracle speaks to the fact that today visitors can see, read the diary of Anne Sergeyevna, which she kept during his travels with his sister to Italy and France. He is represented in the hall of the multimedia form.

In St. Petersburg Suvorov Museum will open the exhibition “Uniforms and fate”

the Next room – “Ancient Greece in the presentation of the XIX century” – a reflection of a bygone fashion. Half a century ago, the enlightened world, fascinated by archaeological discoveries, eagerly rushed to clarify, it sounded like antique tools. The definition of “Etruscan”, “Greek”, “Pompey” were synonyms, and in 1837-1838 years at the fountain house sheremetyevy appeared latest trend Etruscan drawing-room, decorated by the architect Corsini. In the interior a natural way is a collection of musical instruments of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, reconstructed in the late nineteenth century under the leadership of Victor Mayona a group of Belgian artists and presented to Baron Stackelberg for the Imperial Museum of musical instruments. Exposition Avloni, lyres, kiturami, horns and buccinum accompanied by audio recordings of the XXI century, which recreate the sound of ancient instruments in accordance with the ideas of modern science and practice.

the Real highlight was the new exhibition in the third hall – “Paris office of Alexander Glazunov”. All of its content is a gift to the Museum adopted daughter of the composer Elena Glazunov, it includes more than five thousand units. Here notes, diaries, correspondence, posters, photographs and stage costumes composer and conductor, his Desk, Bechstein Grand piano, which were created many of Glazunov’s works. By the way, today it sounds wonderful – Julia Stadler showed that guests convincingly.

Renowned composer, teacher, rector of the Leningrad Conservatory, Alexander Glazunov left the Soviet Union in 1928. However, the years of wandering in Europe is not scattered his archive, carefully preserved Elena Glazunov. Among the exhibits you can see for example, Ecksamination the job, written by the composer for torn music sheet for the student of Dmitry Shostakovich. It is known that the master was very supportive of young talents, even if they are, as in this case, was quite close to him in the nature of talents and research.

the siege of Leningrad Museum, new premises

“This breadth of vision, the understanding that personal taste is not a measure of last resort, did Glazunov an uncommonly attractive personality,’ said co-curator of the project Elena Groomed. – Evidence of this can be found in numerous documents of the “Family album” represented here”.

the Director of the Museum of theatrical and musical art Natalia Metelitsa, the opening of new halls, said that the Sheremetev Palace returns to the fame of the best musical salons of St. Petersburg. To confirm it will be sounding trips to the Museum.