In Scotland the hurricane Chiara washed up skeleton of a mysterious creature

In the North-East coast of Scotland have discovered the skeleton of an unknown marine creature. It was brought to land by hurricane Kiara.

an Intriguing creature found Sunday, February 9, reports the Daily Mail. It happened once in the region have been strong winds and torrential rain. The photo of the skeleton has published in Facebook. Commentators have suggested that the remains may belong to a whale or Dolphin, while the creature has horns. Some did not rule out that it is the skeleton of the Loch ness monster.

Marine biologists are baffled and cannot determine what kind of creature washed ashore in Scotland. Professor David Lyusso the University of Aberdeen stated that the published picture does not allow to draw accurate conclusions, because it will take photos from other angles.

According to Scottish legend, the Loch ness monster lives in the local lake. To this day there is no accurate evidence that it really exists. In 1934, a London physician R. Kenneth Wilson took a picture of the alleged Loch ness monster, however in 1994 proved that this picture is fake.