In schools, the universities launched the admission campaign

Immediately note: format preuniverse is not a new phenomenon, but until recently, piece. So, for half a century a renowned school. Kolmogorov at Moscow state University. The same – the mathematical school of the Novosibirsk state University, high school St. Petersburg state University. More or less mass similar educational institutions began only in 2013, when we started the project “Moscow preuniversity”. Among the first opened at the Lyceum Higher school of Economics, preuniversity at RSUH and REU them. Plekhanov. For seven years, joined the project for 15 Metropolitan universities. Began to catch up with the regions. What then, as they say, a thing?

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the Main thing: to slip into College “on the pull” through preuniversity will not work. Exam scores remain critical, upon enrollment in the budget. Another thing is that training is very serious: all the graduates of these schools pass the exam. Many participate and win specialized contests.

But perhaps the most significant bonus is given to students those produniversal, where the system of discounts. For example, the graduates of the Ranepa can “earn” a 50 percent discount on paid departments in this University.

And graduated from the Lyceum of the HSE to 70 percent in the top tier. So good to learn here literally profitable.

I Studied on “excellent”, the average score of the exam – 81 was given enough opportunities. But I wanted only the “world economy” at the HSE, and there are budget places – to count on fingers. I had to do to pay, says second – year student of Higher school of Economics Kirill Fedchun. – Saved more than a decent discount: no it would have to pay more than 600 thousand rubles a year, and now comes out to about 200 thousand.

what determines the size of the discount? Usually throughout the training the Lyceum is made to the internal rating of students. And competition for places in his top – very serious. Everything counts: excellent study, the protection of their own research work, win in contests, social work and volunteering.

What other bonuses can be? For example, some universities provide scores for individual achievement. Russian University of transport (MIIT) adds 7 points to graduates of individual programmes of its preuniversity club “Young railwayman”. Graduates of schools with MEPI prepare and submit pre-professional exam you receive 10 points to the sum of the exam. The same can be expected the graduates of the SESC of NSU with grades not lower than “4” and “5”.

Do the right thing

Who will take in preuniversity? Each University has its own rules of admission, your exams. The competition sometimes just rolls over. In some cases, applicants require at least a permanent or temporary registration in Moscow. So sites such elite schools and children and parents need to consider literally under a magnifying glass. And for a year or two before going to do to get ready.

For example, in natural-scientific Lyceum of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (Spbpu) in the past year the competition was 4.5 people per site. Entrance test – written mathematics and physics. You can do in 10-th and 11-th classes. In preuniversity national research nuclear University MEPhI opened the party’s eighth grade. Exams depending on the profile: mathematics, physics, Informatics, chemistry.

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But in HSE Lyceum reception is only in 9th and 10th classes. Training – free. But the competition average is 5.4 people per site. Required exams: mathematics, Russian and foreign languages. Plus profile subject toyy need for study-specific specialization. Among the “profiles” – literature, socio-cultural awareness, history or social studies, one of the Eastern languages, advanced mathematics, chemistry, biology, geography, computer science or physics.

– the highest competition last year we had a “design” (7.8 per place), “computer science, engineering, and mathematics” (7,2), “Economics and social Sciences” (6,6), called the Lyceum. – Great interest was aroused by new directions: “the natural Sciences” (3.9) and mathematics (3 per place).

Some universities conduct selection in multiple stages. For example, in the Lyceum Ranepa first is a comprehensive written examination: this is the text in Russian, a little English and math. In the second round – interview in Russian and English languages.

At the Moscow aviation Institute more interesting.

the Selection started March 1. First, students write papers on mathematics, physics, Informatics and Russian language. In mid-March, the guys in a playful way to demonstrate your soft skills: creative and critical thinking, ability to work in team, – said the Director preuniversity MAI avedis Asatryan.

working life

is it Easy to learn in preuniversity? As recognized by the children themselves, there will have to work hard. Research work, competitions, electives, in-depth profile, pre-service training… some lectures are given by University teachers and one with students already not coddling. Working day from 9 to 17.00, rather the rule than the exception. So worth three times to think, whether the child is such a burden.

the Pros, however, also a lot. Including great facilities, as well as access to University and scientific laboratories. If the University of technical, the school has 3D printers, and robots, and even laser cutting machinery. From a humanitarian point of its advantages. For example, it may be language courses abroad.

Slip into College “on the pull” through preuniversity will not work. Upon enrollment in the budget solve all exam scores

– Our students can take their first steps in science before entering College. For example, three guys now working in the laboratory of the Institute of nuclear physics, Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, one engaged in the synthesis of palladium stearate in a large study in the Institute of hydrodynamics, – the Director of the SESC of NSU Professor Nicholas Jaworski.

Another “trick” is a 100-point rating system. Introduced individual trajectory and the training modules. The regular lessons of 45 minutes is not seen. To configure an individual plan can be accurately fit your interests. Classes are small. There is even a group of 10-15 people.

Lessons are paired, which reduces the load in the preparation of homework, – said the Director preuniversity Moscow state pedagogical University Vladimir Kuznetsov. – Each class is accompanied by a tutor – a professional psychologist.

And at the Lyceum in “the Tower” pupils generally make your own training plans. There are compulsory subjects such as Russian or mathematics, but they can be set to basic or advanced level.

– Here Mature faster. Learn to manage your time and not be afraid of teachers and scholars-practitioners, and work with them as partners, says the graduate of the Lyceum Cyril Fedchun.

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extra bonus – a good preparation for the Olympics, because children have teachers who know the whole contest kitchen inside. Some schools give particularly capable students scholarship. For example, in the gymnasium of Tyumen state University Chancellor’s fellows are more than 400 students.

Universities have stamped her

Why universities bother with students? The goal is to attract motivated, talentsivih guys. Every year peduniversitet becomes more and expand their existing programs. For example, the Lyceum of the Russian Academy wants to open admission to eighth grades. To add new international routes in addition to kitaevedami and the Franco-Spanish.

the Natural-scientific Lyceum, Spbpu will add another class and biochemical track.

Lyceum of the “Tower” introduces a new track on “the Future engineer oil and gas industry”. And in the future wants to create a Remote boarding school for children who cannot attend school.

the SESC of NSU launches own educational e-learning platform – Open the mathematical school, which will allow a full study children from remote towns and villages.

When to apply for the entrance test?

Natural-scientific Lyceum Spbpu until may 25.

the HSE Lyceum – until April 16, in the 9th grade, until March 13, in 10-th class.

Preuniversity RSUH – until March 7.

Economic Lyceum of the REU them. G. V. Plekhanova – may 1.

Lyceum of the Russian Academy – before June 1.

Preuniversity MAI until July 10.