The statement with the request to conduct an audit in connection with a brawl among deputies of the Saratov regional Duma submitted to the Investigative Committee, said the Deputy of regional Parliament Nikolay Bondarenko (CPRF).

"United Russia"… written statement, asking the authorities to bring me to justice that I began this fight that I attacked the Deputy from "United Russia" the first and actually the process got everything else, which, of course, absolutely not. I in turn wrote a letter to the Investigation Committee" he said Sunday during a live broadcast on its Youtube channel.

He said he was ready to give investigators all of the footage of the meeting of the regional Duma, which took off as he and his colleagues and assistants, which will formulate the overall picture of the incident.

The meeting of the Saratov regional Duma on June 23, which lasted almost 12 hours, was interrupted by a scuffle among the deputies. It happened during a speech of the Chairman of the credentials Committee Nicholas Bushueva (EP), that voiced the decision about the violation of the deputies Dmitry Chernyshevsky (EP) and Nikolay Bondarenko (Communist party) of the rules of parliamentary ethics in the meetings of the committees of the Parliament.

It all began after a neighbor Bushuev in the hall – the Deputy Anatoly Timashuk (EP) – with the words "get out" threw a water bottle towards Bondarenko, who filmed the performance Bushueva on a mobile phone. After that in a hall fight has begun, and the speaker of the Duma Alexander Romanov has declared a break right during a speech Bushueva.

The head of fraction ER in the Saratov regional Duma Ivan dziuban previously reported RIA Novosti that the faction will turn the interior Ministry into the incident with the brawl. According to Zuban, Bondarenko himself provoked the conflict with Chipasula. Deputy Secretary of the General Council "United Russia" Alexander Khinshtein told the news Agency that in this situation it is necessary to understand in details.