In the capital of Mordovia have launched a cure COVID-19. The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation approved here, the drug replevin – analogue Japanese favipiravir invented for Ebola treatment. Its application shortens the course of illness to four days. In Saransk are ready to produce up to one million packages per month, which will meet the needs of the Russian clinics.

As it became known “RG”, the request for registration of the drug was filed in early April. And in may began clinical trials in the hospitals of Saransk, Moscow, St. Petersburg. The active ingredient of the drug blocks the replication of the virus in human cells. Experts believe that viruses that are resistant to this, almost none.

– the Drug has efficacy against RNA viruses, including coronavirus COVID-19, – said the Executive Director of Saransk factory “Biochemist” Dmitry Zemskov.

Now replevin is at the stage of completion of clinical trials, in which willing participants 210 patients with coronavirus infection. According to the results of the third phase of research of its efficiency exceeded 90 percent. The duration of the disease with the drug compared with the control group of patients is reduced from nine to four days. In biological samples, 70 percent of patients who took the drug, on the fourth day, recorded the absence of the virus. The substance is highly efficient even outside the complex therapy without anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. Doctors recommend that you administer this drug to patients with medium and mild form of the disease in the first 48 hours of treatment.

Saransk manufacturers are willing to produce up to one million packages of the drug in a month this will fully cover the demand of Russian hospitals.

the Cure will be available only in hospitals, under the supervision of doctors. In the long term, the drug can be exported.