In program schools, lyceums, gymnasiums and other educational institutions can add modules on teaching family values, told RIA Novosti the Commissioner for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova.

"Young people marry, but keep it many not work. The school must come to the rescue. Resource I see in the bill on education introduced by the President, and the steps that have already been made," she explained.

Kuznetsova said that last year 900 thousand marriages had about 600 thousand divorces, and for the past three years this trend does not change. Therefore, according to the Ombudsman, it is necessary to instill in the students family values, to form a "fashion for big family" and use all the resources provided by the amendments to the Constitution.

"If you talk about how the amendments may improve the situation of Russian families, it is important integrated approach.

First is to increase the wellbeing of families, the state to create such conditions under which a family could independently develop, educate children, give them a decent education, to create conditions for socialization. The second – increase of prestige of the family, through specific support measures to demonstrate positive examples of modern families of Russia", — said the interlocutor of RIA Novosti.

She recalled that "margin" laid down in the basic law, will protect children and future generations from possible deformation and problems that may harm their families. Updated Constitution, according to her, will quickly realize suggestions and measures for the protection of children, including orphans and left without parental care.