From 1 April 2020, in Russia launched the experiment in the marking of packaged drinking water. It will last until March 2021. The main objective is to introduce the monitoring of products in each stage and to minimize the number of counterfeit goods. Its share in the Russian market in the most negative estimates can reach 60%.

“At all levels there are claims to the quality of the water that falls to the consumer. There are confirmed on the data that about 30% sold last year water unaccounted for and, therefore, it is not received taxes in the budget,” said Evtukhov.

To experiment on marking the water joined more than 60 companies, most of which are manufacturers. Participation in the experiment voluntary. This requires to register in the system “Honest sign”.

According to Victor evtuhova, the faster participants will be included in the experiment, the easier the process will be more time to deal with the new rules, to reconfigure the system. To this end, the regions should conduct outreach on the ground. This also applies to a number of groups of goods, among which perfumes and toilet waters, photographic equipment, tyres, consumer goods. Now it experiments. The products is equipped with a special Data Matrix codes. With their help manage to track the movement of goods from the manufacturer to the seller. Consider codes, which contain all useful and relevant information – give customers by using a special app in your mobile device.