In the Russian Federation will create a specialized Bank for the preservation of plant genetic resources, reported on Friday, "news".

"whatever happens – natural disasters, technogenic catastrophes, the subjective human factor – the country’s food security remains", – told the newspaper the Director of the Department of coordination of activity of organizations in the field of agricultural Sciences Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation Vugar Bagirov.

The new Bank, which will create on the basis of the all-Russian Institute of plant genetic resources for them. N. And. Vavilov (VIR), will ensure the preservation of reference samples of plant industry of Russia. Samples collected by the state breeding centers, will be stored in a deep freeze, and as a "test tube" micro plants.

According to experts, the plant breeding takes many years, and the success of this work can be visible only after 20-30 years. In the specialized institutions there are about 80 workers collections, where the most valuable specimens are only 10-15%, of which the planned creation of a genetic Bank.

"news" note that when you create a "genetic screening plants" will disappear the problems associated with climatic conditions and the transportation of plants. Innovations will help Russian farmers and breeders to develop high quality gene pool of its products and successfully promote it on the international markets through licensing agreements.