In Russia will change the cost of CTP: violators of traffic rules will pay more

the state Duma adopted in the first reading the draft law on the revision of the tariff system “mandatory avtograzhdanki.” It will allow insurance companies to increase the cost of policies for drivers seen in regular violations of traffic rules. However, to implement the idea was not so simple.

proponents of the bill call it “long-awaited for many” and assure that reform is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the President on increase of road safety.

“Today, insurers within the corridor prescribed a common reference rate for the subject as a whole and not individually for each motorist. The result is a trustworthy car owners are forced to pay more for repeat offenders. Then as for traffic violations, the insurance company can not raise the maximum rate. We want to change it, to differentiate tariffs depending on the behavior on the road. This bill is long awaited by many. In the first place, for careful drivers,” said member of the Duma Committee on financial market, Alexey Izotov.

the List of violations, which ultimately can lead to an increase of the price policy, consists of only four items: a red light, departure on an oncoming lane, driving while intoxicated and speeding more than 60 km/h. At the same time, according to “Kommersant”, in order that the insurers had the right to raise rates, these violations must be reported directly to the inspector of traffic police: data from automatic complexes to consider not planned. According to the publication, in 2019 without the participation of the chambers have rendered only about 15% of decisions.

it is also Worth noting that the concept of the project refers to “repeated violations” respectively, to the driver, once a year running a red and got the inspector of traffic police, the growth rates of the policy are not threatened.

Alexei Izotov also noted that the new system of individual tariffs must not lead to an increase in the cost of insurance for all drivers, and stated that after the launch of reforms Insurance in 2019, the average price of insurance for cars, on the contrary, decreased by 5,7%.

Text: Avtovesti