In Russia will appear a new automotive document at the end of March

Machines would equate, essentially, to household appliances: the new document provided for a, must contain information about the energy efficiency of a particular vehicle. The Agency considers “label” opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

the New standard, providing support vehicles the new instrument should enter into force in March. The “energy efficiency label” will carry information about what the environmental rating of the vehicle, the amount of harmful emissions and fuel consumption of: obviously, it is assumed that these data should be confirmed by quality certificates.

As stated by the Agency TASS the head of the Ministry Alexei Abramov, the first time the document is required: GOST plan to use on a voluntary basis for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. Information on the label the first time will be specified based on the data producers, but in the future Rosstandart really going to confirm this information.

“Over time, to avoid deception and abuse of trust, the state will have to ensure the accuracy of this information. Today we are actively working with the Ministry of industry and trade subordinated to the FSUE “NAMI” that Russia had the opportunity to check out environmental and energy efficiency indicators, the parameters of vehicle safety,” said Alexei Abramov.

in addition, he said, “the energy label” must be a competitive advantage, as it will allow the buyer to make an informed choice. Accordingly, Rosstandart hopes that the new initiative will find support among automakers.

Text: Avtovesti