In Russia there will be a new road sign warning about the cameras

Now those roads where cameras are installed autocommit marked by appropriate signs. But the interior Ministry propose to introduce a completely new sign which will remove the limitations of the current tablets.

Pointer that is yet to be developed, will inform drivers about all the locations of the cameras – even mobile systems. The bill on the new sign, imposes a requirement for the installation of the information index of 150-300 meters in front of the portable camera on the highway.

“the adoption of the project will ensure informing of drivers about the places that are complexes of fotovideofiksatsiey, and reduce the need for excessive use of banning and other road signs, and a positive impact on improving traffic safety”, – quotes the statement of the traffic police to the publication “Kommersant”.

the Sign “Photographic images”, which is used now, can not in accordance with the regulations to be set independently: it must “attach” to any other sign. Accordingly, to alert drivers with it on your systems do not work. In addition, the plate may introduce motorists and misleading – if, say, she posted together with a speed limit sign, and set her camera is able to capture in addition to this and other violations.

Some experts seriously fear that the new rules are scheduled installation of the sign will lead to funny situations. For example, such signs can be put up only at the entrances to major cities, informing motorists that they are valid system images, and all signs directly in front of the cameras – completely dismantle.

Presumably the new sign will be enshrined in the regulations from 1 April. When he begins to be applied is not yet known.

Text: Avtovesti