These events without exaggeration can be called a milestone. Cyberbunker last year by the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation and by the Russian basketball Federation (RBF), led by Andrei Kirilenko, was recognized as an official, full-fledged discipline. Now a virtual battle reached the international level.

Recently completed a multi-stage first championship of Russia on basketball interactive, now there is a national championship cyberbattle 3×3, parallel and started the first international competition.

part of our national team entered: Stepan Budakov (the captain of the team, 17 years old), Alex Czerkawski (17), Vlad Vasiliev (19), Alexander Nikolaev (30), Dmitry Ilyin (27), Denis Timonin (31), Mikhail Panchenko (18). All players have their roles, that is, as in real, live basketball from shooting guard to the center. In the application for game day can make five of the seven registered. Each match consists of four periods of five minutes net time.

the FIBA Tournament called Esports Open 2020 with the participation of 17 teams from different continents and parts of the world. Besides Russia, it is (in alphabetical order) Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Philippines and Switzerland.

the Meeting of the tournament can be watched on YouTube, they are 13 hours 45 minutes Moscow time, to about seven in the evening. While the Russians have Affairs are not the best, but most importantly, all of the result, and that’s a start. In the opening game of the day our “virtual street ball players” they lost to Spain (47:92) and failed with the national team of Italy (52:62). Today ahead of the game against Cyprus, Austria and Switzerland.

Interestingly, the official website of the Russian basketball Federation the most detailed way to inform fans on the vicissitudes of interactive tournament. There are even game statistics indicating how many of our boys and representatives of the rivals scored points.

Alas, but a real, live basketball now too little. The TV channel “World of Basketball” created last year with the direct participation of the Russian basketball Federation, shows these days live final tournament of the championship of Spain in Valencia (and with the comments of the former coach of the national team Sergey N. Elevich!), and the “TV Start”, you can view the playoffs of the German Bundesliga from Munich.