In Russia there is no more recorded cases of infection with coronavirus

In Transbaikalia, the doctors were discharged from the hospital Chinese, who was hospitalized in late January with the coronavirus. Several consecutive tests showed no infection in the body — the patient is fully healthy. This was reported to journalists in the Situational centre of the region.

Earlier in Tyumen was discharged the second patient with the same diagnosis. Thus, Russia is no longer infected with the coronavirus.

In China because of the threat of infection businesses operate intermittently, including suppliers of raw materials for Russian light industry.

As reported on air of our channel, Deputy Minister of industry and trade Viktor Evtukhov, the industry secured by stocks of raw materials at least until the beginning of March. Moreover, Evtukhov noted that domestic companies can expand into new frontiers.

With this agreement, and manufacturers of sporting equipment, particularly hockey equipment. While the American NHL relies on the supply of sticks from China and suffers from a lack in the Russian KHL there is no such relation.

currently registered in the world over 45 thousand cases of this disease. 1114 people died, recovered about five thousand people. Foreign States continue the evacuation of their citizens from China.