In Russia the number of accidents involving novice drivers

In 2019, our country “law” received 1.33 million drivers, with first time exam passes only about a third of the students. The total number of accidents in Russia is declining, but the proportion of accidents involving novice drivers on this backdrop is growing.

the Number of examinations in General for the 2019 rose 5%, making more of 8.12 million. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to the statistics of the traffic police. The first time to pass the theoretical part was only 38% of driving in city and not retake only 29% of the students, and better things with the platform: its the first time passed almost every second.

All driving licences issued 1.33 million, and of them are on the category B had the vast majority of 1.07 million. Often drivers become in Tatarstan: there ID received 131 thousand people, whereas in Moscow the new drivers appeared only about 80 thousand.

the traffic police have noted an overall decline in the number of accidents on the roads of Russia. For 2019 collision cases has decreased by 2.2%, but 1.1% increase in the proportion of accidents with young drivers – those whose experience is less than 2 years. In the community of driving schools call this situation disturbing and declare the need for greater control over the process of education.

In particular, as the publication said the President of the interregional Association of driving schools Tatiana Shutyleva, you need to take control has become popular in recent years online courses the study of the theory and to master the theoretical part of the “live” under the control of the teacher, as well as to fight the dumping of certain driving: negligent market participants reduce the cost of training due to the total reduction in the number of practical classes.

Text: Avtovesti