In Russia suspended booking places in sanatoriums and the catering

According to the decree of the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail mishustina in the country from March 28 to June 1 suspended the duration of the objects of mass tourism and the ski slopes. This applies to resorts, local, regional and Federal significance. Before June 1, shall be suspended booking places in sanatoriums, sanatorium and health camps, in the resort hotels.

Until April 5, suspended the activities of catering, RIA Novosti reported. This does not apply to distance selling.

For those who are already in nursing homes, will be provided by the sanitary-epidemiological actions. In addition, residents of boarding houses will get the conditions for cooperation.

the Prime Minister instructed the Executive bodies of the constituent entities to recommend the Russians to limit trips, including those taken with the purpose of tourism and recreation. Measures taken in connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.