In Russia suggested to create Fund of support for children's fathers-debtors

– I suggest to create a State alimony Fund, which would pay child support to children whose fathers are saving of debt, – said in an interview “RG” the expert of the Eurasian economic cooperation organization Tatiana Butskaya. – The Fund must have the right to control judicial police officers. Then paid to the children means the state, which is sufficient monitoring tools and leverage, I will punish the defaulters as debt.

Photo: Istock the Expert explained why the Russians have less to divorce

In this step, prompting the state to take over the functions of the collector in relation to defaulters of the alimony, EOES, father of the international Committee of the popular front and the first private Alimony Fund propose to go because, according to Rosstat, the amount of alimony debt in 2019 amounted to more than 150 billion rubles. This record, according to the Committee of the state Duma on budget and taxes, for seven years, paid increased by almost eight times. Thus, under the control of the Federal bailiff service is more than 800 thousand debtors. Their average debt amount is 189 thousand rubles.

– Evasion is not the main reason for the growth of the debt, – says the coordinator of the “International father Committee” Andrey Golitsyn. One of the main issues is the debt accumulated to a judgment of divorce and court bailiffs. This is the result of the poor performance of the mechanisms of recovery of maintenance.

at the same time, according to EOES, in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, a growing number of women who give birth out of wedlock or in a civil marriage. In both cases, they are not entitled to alimony. In this case, every second and every third Belarusian woman outside of marriage, having one child decides not to give birth to the next. Key argument: “And what it contain?” However, in Russia are change – established private maintenance orderstion Fund.

– close to Me the idea of Gasolineand and we can be useful, says the founder of the Alimony Fund Catherine Gordon. – We stick by philanthropists and help a woman while she is pregnant in the size of the subsistence minimum. This form of patronage not yet born life. But what will happen after the baby is born?

Photo: alexlinch/istockphoto the Court explained, in some cases, after the divorce, children’s names can be changed

Tatiana Butskaya believes that the solution to the problem of payments to children born out of wedlock could connect Gasolineand. One of the models to solve the problem – as well as in 2020, entered into force a law that divorcing parents have no right to leave a child without a home and parents who have given birth to the child in a civil marriage, have to reach an agreement, through the courts, too, about its contents. It all depends on whether the will of the state Duma and the Federation Council, which is considering the project of creation of the State alimony Fund, to give it life.

Experts agreed that the establishment of the State alimony Fund shall be accompanied by a toughening of measures of struggle against defaulters – the deprivation of their autoprov, the right to travel abroad and loans, and understanding that the need to negotiate. For example, the “Maintenance agreement” which its authors-the developers of EOES asked to sign in the divorce process. “When you give birth, need to rely on themselves – sure Tatiana Butskaya, and the support of the state… the Key word here is support, need to earn ourselves.”