In Russia, started to produce de-icing fluid for aircraft

Russia began to produce the first completely domestic anti-icing fluid (AMPS) for the aircraft at Russian airports have already started to use it, said the Deputy head “RKHZ “nordiks” Sergey Popov.

“the First range of aviation de-icing fluid types 1, 2 and 4 of the Russian manufacturer JSC “RKHZ “nordiks” — “Defrost”, fully certified for use in Russia and the world, will be presented today at a profile forum civil aviation NAIS-2020. Until recently, this strategically important product, without which none of the aircraft in the winter, can not fly, were made solely on foreign technology. Thus, the carried out another task of import substitution”, — said Popov, RIA “Novosti”.

“unlike existing bendingover plants in Russia that produce AMPS by mixing the imported concentrate with ethylene glycol under the trademarks of foreign companies, “Defrost” passed the international certification of domestic technologies for production of AMPS. We have created a closed ecosystem for the protection of aircraft from icing,” — said Popov.

the AMP from “RKHZ “nordiks” safer to human and environment.

in addition, the company has established the collection of used cleaning liquids and processed for reuse. “We created the company “Ekoport “resurrection”, was licensed for the collection, transport, storage and disposal of waste FLUID and built a plant for recycling of used AMPS. Thus, we offer the market a turnkey solution to reduce contact with waste FLUID into the environment and reduce the cost of icing for airlines,” — said Popov.

In 2010, due to the extremely difficult weather conditions when in Moscow airports over the AMPS, and there was a masss delays and cancellations. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin instructed the Ministry to study the issue of AMP production in Russia. The task of import substitution do research center “RKHZ “nordiks”. It’s been ten years, six of which are spent only on overcoming of the international certification barriers.

“Now the production of the ECW brand “Defrost”, ZAO “RKHZ “nordiks” passed all the necessary tests and received the approval of the Federal office of civil aviation Ministry of transportation, Ministry of transportation Canada, air corporations such as Boeing, Airbus, major airlines. In the airports of Russia and abroad have already begun to use”, concluded Popov.