Russian politicians reacted negatively to the words of US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, has threatened sanctions against the “Nord stream — 2”. He warned that companies involved in the construction of the pipeline will have to face “consequences.”

The same restrictions can also apply to the “Turkish stream — 2”, warned Pompeo. The representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the actions of the state Department is not that other, as “political pressure for unscrupulous competition.” And this demonstrates the weakness of the us system that other methods other than force, has not, RIA Novosti reported.

Senator Konstantin Kosachev said Pompeo threats of political blackmail and said that the United States, following the logic of the charges, recognize enemies more than 120 companies, most of which are located in France and Germany.

the United States decided that the best European business and the German authorities know what is needed in Europe to ensure its energy security, ironically summed up the politician.

State Duma Deputy Igor Ananskikh sure that the United States pursue only one aim — the supply of its liquefied natural gas to Europe. It is more expensive, less profitable and did not need to European consumers, said the politician.

Nord Stream AG 2, in turn, regarded the threat Pompeo as ignoring the interests of European industry, in particular the interests of companies that have pledged to invest a billion euros. And more than a thousand companies from 25 countries is absolutely dependent on its completion and termination of construction threatens Europeans overpayments for gas in the billions of dollars.

Earlier NEWS,EN reported that Germany urged the United States to abandon the tightening of sanctions in the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”, because White house policy is undermining the transatlantic partnership.