“Produced the first batch of a vaccine against new coronavirus infection COVID-19, developed NICAM them. Gamalei, Russian Ministry of health”, – quotes the message of the Ministry of health reported. Today the health Ministry reported the start of production of the vaccine.

the world’s First vaccine against coronavirus infection was registered in Russia on 11 August, after that all preclinical and clinical studies. It was called “Vector V”. The Director of the Center of Gamaliel, academician Alexander Ginzburg said that the so-called vector vaccine, when the delivery man into the organism the genetic material of the virus that causes a dangerous disease, is another harmless virus, which is called “vector”. In the case of vaccine COVID-19 as vectors, we used two strains of adenoviruses, easily penetrating the human body, but are not able to reproduce.

Earlier on the same technology at the center Gamalei developed a vaccine for Ebola and a vaccine for MERS – a virus that causes middle East respiratory syndrome.