So, the punishment for running a red light, according to the authors, should be evaluated in five thousand and not a thousand like now. The same amount is offered to charge for the installation of falsified numbers (now for such violation, be fined two thousand rubles). “Dirty rooms, conversely, to reduce the fine and give a warning if the weather is bad” – quote Shkumatov RIA Novosti.

Also, the authors propose to differentiate some of the penalties. In particular, the penalty for speeding. So, if the speed limit were broken within the settlement, they offer a penalty of two and a half thousand roubles (now 500), if the speed was exceeded by 40 to 60 kilometers per hour. For repeated violation the amount of penalty will increase to five thousand roubles. But if the speed was exceeded 60 kilometers per hour or more – fine of five thousand (now 1.5 thousand rubles) or to deprive a driver’s license for a period of four to six months, a second violation would cost 15 thousand rubles.

If such a violation has been committed by the driver outside of the village, for the excess on 40-60 kilometers per hour proposed fine for two and a half thousand rubles, more than 60 kilometers per hour – five thousand.

Also, according to Peter Shkumatov recommended to punish for five thousand cyclists, in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Earlier in the Code of administrative offences has already been amended, significantly increasing penalties for speeding. They evoked a wide response and condemnation from motorists. At the end of may the Ministry of justice stated that the penalties will remain at the same level.