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Russia day Russian special services are engaged in the establishment and search of the author of false reports about In Russia per day “mined” several passenger aircraft / Tikhonov Mikhail, the Russian special services are engaged in the establishment and search of the author of false reports about the “mining” of the aircraft / Akishin Vyacheslav

the Next day an anonymous message about mining of the passenger plane was admitted to the emergency service of Russia on Thursday afternoon, reported “Interfax” an informed source.

“Received anonymous information about the mining of plane A-320 Vladivostok-Novosibirsk”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

It added that the flight is scheduled at 18:15 local time (14:15 GMT) at the airport “Tolmachevo” (Novosibirsk). We are talking about the airliner of S7 airlines.

Earlier Thursday, it was reported about “mining” aircraft operating flights Saint Petersburg – Simferopol, Moscow – Omsk, Moscow – Syktyvkar, Vladivostok – Moscow, Novosibirsk – Moscow. Two aircraft made an emergency landing due to text message threats: Airbus taking off from Vladivostok to Moscow, villages in Khabarovsk after an hour of flight, and in Perm sat airliner of S7 airlines, the followingdavasi from Novosibirsk to Moscow.

Airbus A320 that Thursday morning took off from Sheremetyevo to Omsk, and the other two aircraft flew to the destination. “The plane took off about 08:00. When he ascended, email, Sheremetyevo airport received an anonymous message about “mining” side,” – said the source TASS in the emergency services. The crew decided not to change course.

Similar cases “mining” aircraft occurred in the environment. A source in the aviation service said earlier that all the threats were false. Two messages of “mining” received an e-mail call-centre Sheremetyevo airport. The source in law enforcement bodies also noted that unknown persons are sending anonymous messages, which extort bitcoins, threatening to continue the “mining” of the court buildings, stores, airports, aircraft and airlines.

Russian special services are engaged in the establishment and search of the author of false reports about the “mining” of the aircraft. As stated by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin hopes that the perpetrator will be found and suffer deserved punishment.

“the attitude that such people intelligence work, the public way can not be, – he said. Let’s hope that sooner or later he [the author of false reports] will be caught and punished according to the law”.

So Dmitry Peskov responded to the question reported whether the head of state Vladimir Putin that such messages are passed by the same person who first “mined” the various social facilities and is not going to stop these crimes.

Peskov said that Vladimir Putin spoke about the reports of the FSB related to the stuffing of false information on the prevalence of coronavirus in Russia. According to the spokesperson, all these events report to the President regularly. To get to the source of spreading lies, as in the case of threats of explosions, the Russian Spasluzby can’t. But security forces detained some “alarmists” in Russia who spread “foreign fakes”.

Wave “mining” in Moscow and St. Petersburg continues for more than three months. Only in the courts of the Northern capital in two months received more than 300 reports of bomb scare. Because of the actions of criminals has decreased the speed of the judicial machine. Some judges after the evacuation trying to delay the process under any pretext, and the basic things we have to consider two to three times longer.

“Mined” the Academy of the FSB, the Hermitage, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the offices of the security forces (police and Regardie), shopping centers, schools and kindergartens, railway stations, airports, metro stations directly through an alphabetical list of the television station “Ostankino”, the hospital. On December 19 in the presence of a bomb was tested 1000 of capital objects, of which 170 were evacuated of thousands of people.

In the first letters sent out in the courts, threats were made to send reports of explosions as long as “Orthodox” businessman Konstantin Malofeev “don’t pay the debt of 120 of bitcoins stolen from exchange WEX”.

we are Talking about a deal around one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges – the former VTS-S, the average daily turnover which ranged from $ 20 million to $ 70 million. Shortly thereafter, it was rebranded, and the PTS-E was the exchange WEX. The new owner of the exchange was the fighter of DNR Dmitry Hevchenko with the Callsign “Sailor”. According to him, at least $ 400 million were withdrawn from the accounts of customers already at the time of purchase of the asset to them.

media reported that the deal could be the Chairman of the Board of Directors of group of companies “Constantinople” Konstantin Malofeev, which is under sanctions for the financial support Pro-Russian armed groups in Eastern Ukraine. Recently Malofeev was busy with the formation of monarchist party of supporters of Vladimir Putin. DeNLGI he takes from unknown sources.

two months after the beginning of a wave of “mining” the authors of the threatening letters became more creative: I quote songs of Russian rockers, mention the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov, react to fashion shows and expand the list of objects to attack. Apparently, senders also follow the news.

social networks came the call to chip in and pay 120 bitcoins post terrorists only attack and endless evacuation stopped.

a Number of indirect evidence indicates that the pseudo-miner is located in Ukraine. Is the town where one of the customers of the exchange WEX, on account of which “stuck” 120 bitcoins.