In the next 6-10 years, every sixth company is waiting for the appearance of new professions. This was announced by Director of development systems of professional qualifications Institute of labour Irina Voloshina, noting that the emergence of new professions associated with the modernization of production, development of services and implementation of digital technologies.

the Development of Internet technologies has led to the emergence of specialists in integrating cloud applications and big data. In manufacturing and transport specialists in industrial robotics, Voloshin told RIA Novosti.

railway transport came to the profession of the operator of a robotic system management of terminal and warehouse complex and the operator remote control of the motor-car rolling stock. Moreover, the latter Voloshin called promising. Another new, but very popular profession – operator of a 3D simulation.

the Expert noted that the emergence of new professions can be expected in different industries, but primarily in the rapidly developing: nanotechnology, information and communication technology, power engineering, space-rocket industry, medicine and agriculture.

Earlier it became known about plans of high school graduates this year. So, more than 80% of the guys decided to continue their education in universities. Of these, 17% chose natural Sciences (chemistry, biology, physics, etc.), and economy and management. Study engineering and technical education plan of 16%. Future teachers and professionals in education want to be 15%.