President Alexander Lukashenko, probably, declared war on Russia. The former President of football club “the locomotive” (Moscow) Ilya Herkus joked in his Twitter.

Today, as reported by the “Rambler,” Lukashenko delivered his annual address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly of Belarus. In his speech he said that Russia exchanged fraternal relations with Belarus on a partnership and afraid of losing Belarus, because apart from it has no other really close allies.

Lukashenka also said that Belarus is a friend of China, the West began to show more and more subject interest, and Belarus is not on friendly terms with someone against someone, and adhere to multi-vector and leads to consistent and predictable foreign policy.

“Lukashenko has declared war on us, I understand?” — joked Herkus.

In turn, the users of Twitter, in the comments to this post was a joke, for example, that “not announced, and proclaimed, not us, and you, and not Lukashenko and Kiknadze”; that farther agony; that in case of war, the Belarusians will throw the Russians potatoes and shrimp.