Radiotechnical Institute named after academician A. L. mints introduced a new method of detection of aircraft technology with low radar signature. For stealth technology, in particular, made in the USA planes of the 5th generation F-22 and F-35.

One of the ways to provide low radiolocational visibility – the use of such forms of aircraft, Blagoja which reflected radio signals are refracted and reflected in the direction of the radiation source. It is difficult to work defense radars that determine the location of the air target by reflected radio signal from it.

As explained “MK” company “RTI”, the new technology obnarujeny “of nevidimom” based on the analysis of the radar shadow of the object observed.

Confirmed that the new model calculation the radar shadow of a moving object can be used as an additional trait in the selection of air targets.

Kaka told the Deputy Director for intelligence and information systems of the company “RTI” Kirill Makarov, participated in the development of the universities and defence companies.

According to the developer, if along with shifted, bearing the image of the object observed his shadow, the direction finding must be made for her. The difference between the bearing of the radar image of the object and the “shadow” carries information about the velocity of the object.

as a result radaray give more precise information about the coordinates of the target, reduced the standard errors of direction finding. The scheme of multi-channel synthetic aperture radar provides simultaneous formation of radar images with high resolution, as well as the selection of moving objects.

the Equipment can be placed on Board a small aircraft such as drone, capable of receiving transmission data to the control station in real time.

In turn, the leading military expert Alexei Leonov told “MK” that our radar before could “see” the aircraft made by technology “stealth”.

Just stealth technologies evolve, he said. – In addition, use of means of electronic warfare, to hinder the detection of stealth aircraft or “stealth drones”. To offset these new nuances that need new technology. Updated method of direction finding will allow the radar to operate as the object itself and in its radar shadow.

As the expert explained, sensors-computers will now be able to compare the data obtained on a stealth object in the usual way, with information about its so-called radar shadow or otherwise – about the area of weak radio signal, which previously were excluded from the analysis.

-most Likely, these funds will be put to interspecific ��radiolokatsionnye stations that provide clinie for the traffic situation and transmit information to air defense systems, and unmanned vehicles, said Alex Leonov.