In the Sakhalin region Alexander the inventor of the four wheel invented a new device to combat the frost and icicles. He offers to drop frozen water from the roofs of buildings in the automatic mode with vibration. This was reported on the website of the regional government.

the Device, according to the inventor, can replace a whole team of workers. It is suitable for any roof type, safe to use and does not require constant energy expenditure. Start small-scale production devices in Russia is planned in 2021.

“Control appliances remotely via mobile phone — said carriage. — By the way, often when clearing a roof is damaged roofing. When using my device this does not happen. Another advantage is the technique can have different sources of electrical energy, including battery.” A new method for the destruction of icicles has already been successfully tested in the business incubator of the Sakhalin development Fund.

In January of 2019 in a network there was video from one of the roofs of St. Petersburg, depicting a cast-iron iron, used to combat icing. The footage can be seen tied to the rope device which periodically hit the ledge. The authors of the video jokingly called municipal service of the city the most technologically advanced in the world.