In Russia has registered a new case of coronavirus

Russia has registered a new case of coronavirus has registered a new case of coronavirus
AGN Moscow / Alexander Avilov

a New case coronavirus infection confirmed in Italian citizen, arrived in Russia on 29 February, reports TASS with reference to the operational headquarters for the prevention of coronavirus infection and control. Contracted 2 March, sought medical help with symptoms of SARS. “The disease occurs in mild clinical form symptomatic therapy. The patient’s condition is satisfactory” – said in the headquarters. In addition, under medical supervision are in contact with persons.

To this infection on the territory of the Russian Federation was confirmed by two Chinese nationals, which was discharged after recovery. In addition, the treatment in the country of citizen of the Russian Federation, in which the disease caused by a coronavirus, was identified on the liner Diamond Princess in Japan.

March 1, the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Moscow the player of an Amateur football club “Megamusic” David Berov. He fell ill during a holiday in Milan and was admitted to the infectious diseases hospital. The Russians, who returned on 23 February in Moscow on a flight from Milan with Borovym, was placed on home quarantine.

Earlier it was reported that the Metropolitan municipality has developed a plan of measures to combat coronavirus. When identifying the first patient is entered so-called plan “B” in which the sick hospitalityat and survey, records of surveillance cameras, and geolocation data to identify all his contacts and family members. Plan B also provides for 14-day home quarantine for roastvennikov and neighbors of the sick. For its implementation monitored by the police.

in addition, authorities should undertake the disinfection of the apartments of those who are quarantined. The team at work waiting for the same measures. Disinfection should also be conducted for all places visited by the patient or his family members. If the child is sick went to school with her for two weeks being quarantined and disinfected, and the parents get sick and must stay with children at home under medical observation.

Plan “B” also provides for the closing of the Moscow schools, museums, cinemas, libraries, shopping malls, markets, parks, stadiums, playgrounds, and a ban on holding any public events in the city. If the city quarantine will last a long time, the authorities are planning to stock the shops with food and enter the special mode. Territorial service of emergency medicine of Moscow will be transferred to the state of emergency: the staff will work around the clock, and ill expand the hospital database. However, while we’re talking about the closure of public places and cancellation of activities not talking, and the plan has not been adopted and needs to be agreed upon with the Federal authorities.

At the beginning of March in WhatsApp messenger and social network “Vkontakte” appeared a voice message that in the capital, the virus has infected 20 thousand people. It was reported that this information is distributed mostly through bots “Vkontakte” and stuffing through group messengers at kindergartens, schools, mom’s forums and so on. Later in this regard was detained several suspects, experts have asked citizens critical information from unverified sources and to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of health and the who for the prevention of infection.