In Russia, divided the whole fleet of the most popular brands

Analysts have counted in Russia as of 1 January 2020, the 44.5 million registered cars and called the most common brands of this array.

ranked by the number here expected keep VAZ cars – they are in the country more than a third (31,3%) or 13.9 million units of the total number, estimated by “AUTOSTAT”.

the Closest rival behind Russian cars 3.5 times for the second place in popularity took of Toyota cars of this brand in Russia and 3.9 million shares, or a share of 8.8%.

Completing the top three brand Hyundai (2.2 million pieces) and proportion of 5%.

located Next to the Nissan and Kia. They have almost the same performance: the Park – more than 2.1 million units and a share of 4.8%).

the ten most common automobile brands in Russia also included Renault (share of 4.4%), Volkswagen (3,9%), Chevrolet (3.8 per cent), Ford (up 3.1%) and Mitsubishi (2.7 per cent). The share of other brands – less than 2%.

Text: Avtovesti