In Russia condemned those who speculates about coronavirus and uses fakes for political purposes

Russia's Investigative Committee has established a working group to identify the fakes about the situation with coronavirus in Russia Russia’s Investigative Committee has established a working group to identify the fakes about the situation with coronavirus in Russia / Akishin Vyacheslav

Russia’s Investigative Committee has established a working group to identify the fakes about the situation with coronavirus in Russia. The Chairman of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin with this group intends to nip in the Network, in particular, the messengers, the community spread of false information on the situation of COVID-19. In accordance with applicable law to such facts will be given criminal-legal assessment, reports RIA “Novosti”. For the distribution of fakes on the coronavirus threatens to part 1 of article 237 of the criminal code (misrepresentation of events, facts, or phenomena creating danger to life or human health) and section 4 of article 128.1 of the criminal code (slander that the person suffers from a disease representing a danger to others).

In the epidemic of the coronavirus and the ongoing government measures to contain it in Russia already there were proposals to toughen penalties for those citizens who are trying to exploit the current difficult situation for political purposes.

Theme coronavirus has already been named the main leader of the Russian non-system opposition. In the state Duma believe that the opposition will try to “convert” a theme with the pandemic political instability, with the aim to destabilize the situation in the country. According to the Deputy, member of Committee of the state Duma of the Russian Federation on development of civil society, public and religious associations Vitaly Milonov, “the opposition of Russia vespriniAET coronavirus as happiness for themselves.”

“Almost unlimited freedom in the dissemination of fakes and rumors allows the opposition to profitably convert this situation into some political instability. It is not immediately possible to confirm or to refute false reports about mass deaths from the coronavirus. This is a chance for those who are in favor of destabilizing the situation in our country is social cohesion,” said Milonov in an interview with Federal news Agency.

Milonov has proposed to toughen the criminal punishment for organizers and participants of unauthorized actions during a pandemic. “The responsibility now needs to be different, because it is not just the unsanctioned may day. Such appeals in the participation and organization of unauthorized sessions may be with completely different consequences. Also the spread of fake rumors can provoke absolutely horrible consequences that will not be comparable with the real threat of a pandemic”, – said the Deputy.

So, according to Milonov, the right to dissemination of information on coronavirus should be exclusively from sources working for the state.

the head of the Fund for the protection of national values Alexander Malkevich, thinks that the liberals are already using the situation with coronavirus in Russia, to undermine the credibility of the authorities. According to him, they presented the restrictive measures in Europe, taking care of people, but the same actions of the Russian authorities called the restriction of rights and freedoms.

political Analyst Alexei Martynov, a constant political commentator on Russian state television, said that because of the coronavirus, the Russian opposition was left without the support of the West and accused Alexei Navalny and Mikhail Khodorkovsky that they blame the Russian authorities.

Doctor of Economics, the political scientist Mikhail Delyagin also says that in a pandemic karanvirUSA Russian opposition turned out to be without financial support. In terms of when to go to rallies of the opposition can not, liberal society was “Kapitsa in the General panic, and to sling mud at the Russian government”, writes Delyagin. According to him, the “opposition” media in all PR on the controversial topic: “klickbar, dramatic headlines, fake, made-up reason” – all this against the background of hysteria pandemic.

“the characteristic Especially in the current climate of attacks of the liberal press on the Prime Minister, and key ministries involved in the fight against coronavirus – Ministry of health and the Ministry of defence, with said Delyagin. – This criticism for refusing to cancel the spring call, and for sending the Russian military virologists in Italy to combat the pandemic, and allegations of lack of medical equipment and insufficiency of the measures taken. Only last week in relation to the defense Ministry posted a lot of untrue facts, most of which are anonymous.”

According to Delyagin, that such untrue facts have forced the terrified citizens rush to buy the stock of provisions in case of a curfew. According to the analyst, the Russian authorities have “no time to respond to fabrications of the liberals,” they are busy fighting the coronavirus. However, inaccurate information can destabilize the situation in the country and cause the loss of trust in government. In this regard, he also encourages citizens “to draw information only from official and reliable sources”.

we will Remind, for spreading untrue information about the coronavirus, the Russian media is threatened with administrative responsibility in accordance with part 9 of article 13.15 of the administrative code. According to this article, the proliferation of fakes punishable by an administrative fine on citizens in the amount from 30 thousand to 100 thousand rubles with confiscation subject of an administrative offense or without it, on officials – from 60 thousand to 200 thousand rubles, on legal entities – from 200 thousand to 500 thousand rubles with confiscation subject of an administrative offense or without it. A Roskomnadzor has threatened to fakie to deprive the media of the license immediately and have them block the dissemination of false information about the coronavirus.

in addition, the Code of administrative offences, the government has Hunesco amendments that threaten severe penalties for individuals and legal entities who refuse to abide by the rules of safety imposed because of coronavirus.

yesterday in the state Duma introduced a bill toughening responsibility for violation of the quarantine. For violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules, entailed on imprudence death of the person, or paired with the deliberate endangering of mass diseases is proposed to punish by a fine of up to 2 million rubles or the salary or other income in the period four to five years, or by prohibition to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for three to five years, or restraint of liberty for a term up to five years. For violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules, entailed death of two and more persons, it is offered to punish imprisonment for the term up to seven years.