In Russia, collapsed sale of the ginger and lemons, which in April was wildly in demand. Despite their unproven effect in the fight against coronavirus, the Russians started to buy these products. Suppliers took advantage of the moment and sharply raised prices.

In early June, compared to mid-April the sale of ginger in Russia fell by 63%, in Moscow — 73%. The average check fell to 31 of the ruble in the country (-68%) and to 37 rubles in the capital (-55%).

the Demand for lemons in the country decreased by only 12%, but in the capital — 49%. The average check in Moscow fell by 27% to 117 rubles, in Russia — 49% to 63 rubles.

In “Platform CRF” explained the demand that the Russians are no longer afraid of the coronavirus. In addition, with the onset of heat people are less likely to drink tea with ginger and lemon. In addition, taken in the spring of stocks is not over yet, said the operator.