In Russia cheap drugs were under threat of extinction

a Major Russian pharmaceutical companies have warned the Ministry about the possible discontinuation of the 50 essential drugs (EDL), the newspaper Kommersant. Their production was previously unprofitable, and the fall of the ruble and higher prices of imported raw materials has exacerbated the situation.

At risk was such popular drugs as antipyretic paracetamol, ibuprofen pain reliever, an antihistamine diphenhydramine, and others. Just list more than 50 items, which are included in the list of essential drugs.

pharmaceutical companies indicate that the production of these drugs became unprofitable. For example, the maximum price of the package of 20 paracetamol tablets in a dosage of 0.5 g is 10.1 ruble. Thus making it costs the company “Biosynthesis” 16.46 ruble.

My role is also played by the devaluation of the ruble and pandemic coronavirus infection. Because of this increased demand for imported substances and, consequently, increased their value.

prices of essential drugs was registered in 2009, then basing on the average prices provided by the producers themselves, based on data from last year’s sales. Experts remind that in 2014, when there was a sharp collapse of the ruble, some drugs have already left the Russian market, as their production is too expensive.

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