In Russia celebrated the 100th anniversary of Federico Fellini

I really wanted to be with you today, but Italian authorities adopted a decree “I’m staying home” – appeals to guests with a TV screen and shows Francesca the doll that her gift brought Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina. – This piece of Russia with me all my life. And that is why the world tour of our project starts in Moscow.

Photo: Kinokompaniya Volga Director Matteo Garrone spoke about his new film “Pinocchio”

Matryoshka was in Rimini in 1963, when Fellini won the main prize of the Moscow film festival for the movie “Eight and a half”. In 1987, he returned to the Soviet Union to pick up the second Moscow award for the film “the Interview”.

Minister-counselor of the Embassy of Italy Guido de Sanctis at the opening still came, but too late: “Moscow is a very fellinesque the city, you never know what will happen,” said he.

And he began with words of gratitude to the Russians, who in this difficult for Italy to call and leave messages of support.

– When you support the friends, is much easier to cope with problems. Fellini taught us to dream and to believe the best, and we believe that we will soon cope with this situation, called on everyone not to lose optimism Guido de Sanctis.

a Friend of Fellini, a famous Italian actor and Director Alberto Sordi told me that when they started up, they had no contracts, no money. But Fellini insisted, “Remember, I will become a great Director.” “Liar,” said to him that Sordi and has not changed his opinion to the death.

– Fellini was more of a dreamer, who recorded their dreams and dreams, and then he started in them veryproceedings of jubilee buxom women with beautiful shapes, and Fellini-the man’s whole life was devoted to his Muse – his wife Juliet Mazin. This little, fragile and delicate woman inspired him of her extraordinary inner strength. The exhibition is a letter that 70-year-old Fellini wrote his wife from the hospital: “I am very sorry that I isolated and limited in their capabilities. But there is a hope that sustains me, that everything will go back like before and we will again be together.” And in another are these lines: “You know that you are my life”.

Photo: Film prestige Sandra Milo: Fellini was my biggest love

the World of Federico Fellini revealed to the audience through photos from the film, posters, costumes and props. There is even a letter of the Italian Catholic priests protesting against the screening of the film “Rome”. General complete rare footage from the family archive of the Director. Here is a small Federico with his brother, but the entire family – find a place in the Pope’s lap, even for his beloved dog.

it’s No secret that the last film took critics very cold and he was denied funding. But Fellini has found an original way out – began to draw movies-comic books, to be able to create images and to preserve what he called “the dignity of work.” So there was a “Trip to Tulum” and “the Journey of John. Mastorna,” which you can also see the cinema Museum. The curators also showed a series of recent and very candid pictures of the Maestro under the name “Erotomania” for which the exhibition was an age marked “18+”.

Moscow has become a city of open project. From March 2020 to March 2021 “Federico Fellini: 100” will take you to the wonderful universe of the Director, the ten largest cities in the world.