Russia has cancelled the “Bank roaming”. Transfers of funds between accounts of the sender and the recipient opened with the same Bank but in different regions, have become free.

on 14 June and entered into force a law that instructed to develop in October 2019 Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

In the explanatory note to the law States that the branches and internal structural divisions of the Bank — it’s part of his uniform organizational structure, so money transfers between them are in the full sense of the usual internal transfers.

Earlier, a few banks have established an increased Commission for the operation of interregional transfers between accounts of natural persons opened in one credit institution, compared with intra-regional transfers. Sberbank from April began to charge for transfers between any cards, not even released in the same region. This applies to amounts per month more than 50 thousand rubles Thus, the Bank decided to change the charging system transfers after the adoption of the law on the abolition of “Bank roaming”.