In Russia began to collect the first production passenger Il-114-300

the Company “RSK “MiG” has started mass production of the fuselage of the first passenger aircraft Il-114-300, said the United aircraft Corporation (UAC), which includes RSK.

the Production is organized at the production site of the aircraft plant “Sokol”. The plane is created at the enterprises of the KLA in the chain of industrial cooperation. In the factories of “VASO” in Voronezh, and “Aviastar-SP” in Ulyanovsk manufactured assemblies, and final Assembly is planned at the sites of RSK “MiG” in Lukhovitsy aviation plant them. P. A. Voronin.

the Aircraft plant “Sokol” will produce 7 the fuselage of a passenger plane to final Assembly.

“In 2019, we have invested more than 400 million rubles in pre-production to execution of the program Il-114,” – said General Director of Corporation “MiG” Ilya Tarasenko.

design and manufacture of passenger Il-114-300 is designed using the latest digital technology.

the KLA established by government decision in 2006 and brings together 30 companies, which was created and produced military and civilian aircraft “su”, “MiG”, “Il”, “Tu”, “Yak”, “Beriev”, SSJ, MS-21.