For the last 2 months of their objects of daily long-term lease transferred 20% of landlords. As the ownership of some owners was not one object, the overall proportion of their ads amounted to 31.5%.

the Volume offers hardest dipped in tourist and business centres. In Saint Petersburg long term rent declined 69.3 per cent of landlords in the Leningrad region is 50.4%, Moscow – 43%, Tatarstan – 35,9%, Moscow region – 31,6%, Krasnodar Krai – 30,4%, the Crimea – 20.3% and Primorsky region – 16,1%.

“the Restriction of movement of citizens and, as a consequence, the reduction of tourist flow and the number of business trips in the country, has led to a temporary decline in demand. Now people give preference to medium – and long-term lease”, – says Artem Kropotkin, head of short-term rental Avito real Estate.

After the lifting of quarantine measures, we can expect the return of daily objects into the market in full volume. The domestic tourist flow will grow sooner than the outer, because a stable air communication between the countries will recover step by step. In addition, the decline in income people start saving on hotels and Inns, choosing the apartment. Some landlords are now taking orders for the future.