In Rostov are ready to convert five hospitals for patients with coronavirus

In Rostov are ready to convert five hospitals if the number of patients with coronavirus infection will increase. This decision was taken today in the administration of the don capital, after consultation with the CPS and the regional Ministry of health.

the number of hospitals that are subject to redevelopment include: city hospital No. 1 named after N. And. Semashko, the first children’s hospital, children’s hospital # 2, city hospital number 6 and the seventh city hospital.

currently in the city hospital named after Semashko for patients with coronavirus infection and suspected to have it, the new infectious module accommodated 12 beds and resuscitation. In addition, informs GTRK “don-TR”, hospital for 40 beds deployed in the infectious ward number 5 of the same hospital. There are quarantined those with a diagnosis of “coronavirus” is not confirmed.

it is Worth noting that pregnant women with suspected virus or symptoms of community-acquired pneumonia obstetrics will provide in observation Department of the Perinatal center, the second regional clinical hospital and maternity hospitals of municipal medical organizations.

we will Remind, In Rostov-on-don, began to build an infectious medical center. Institution planning to engage in the treatment of patients with coronavirus. This was stated by the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu at the meeting of the government.

Text: STRC “don-TR”