In Rospotrebnadzor explained who should do the test for coronavirus

In our country the situation with COVID-19 remains calm. The authorities do not intend to weaken anti-epidemic measures – they are the same for COVID-19, and influenza, the incidence of which has also grown in some regions. Still go all-out checks at airports: under the supervision of doctors over the weekend sent one of the passengers who have arrived to Moscow by flight Aeroflot from Beijing.

Photo: REUTERS What today is known about the coronavirus

How the situation will develop with COVID-19 further, not only depends on epidemiologists. Cautiously, trying not to get sick any man thus acting in the interests of others. One of the main measures – by all means to avoid possible contact with infected. Saturday was promulgated on the recommendations of the Ministry of health to postpone till the best times travel to Italy, South Korea and Iran where the largest number of cases outside of China. The head of Rospotrebnadzor, Chief state sanitary doctor of Russia Anna Popova said that now is no time for foreign voyages. “To consider ourselves safe, we need to minimize the expected travel beyond the borders of his native country”, – said Popov.

the Recommendation is, of course, not a total ban, in that same Italy as in other European countries, planes continue to fly. Do not close the borders of France and other European countries. The people who have their hands on tickets, have to decide to fly or not, and to assess possible risks: what would happen if in the middle of the route they will be in the area again quarantine or hit by the cancellation of flights. Not to mention how they can get medical care if you get sick.

the world health organization announced a pandemic, but has raised the level of threatss to “very high”

yesterday, the CPS has also issued advice on strengthening the immune system – it is, of course, also an important preventive measure, although think about immune system support is necessary not only in the midst of epidemics. Stress, Smoking, alcohol hit the immune system that can ease the infection. Strengthen the quality of his diet (no malnutrition and excess food), exercise, a good night’s sleep.

Photo: EPA-EFE/SIMONE VENEZIA who: Medical masks should not be worn to prevent contamination

he Said the CPS and requests of tourists who epidemically affected countries, such as Italy. People are concerned about whether they need to be quarantined (as it happens to come from China), and how to take a test on COVID-19. Recommendations are: if a person feels healthy, he has no symptoms of SARS (runny nose, cough, malaise), running to the doctors and demand testing for coronavirus is not necessary (Yes it no one will and will not do). And to isolate himself also not necessary. Send to quarantine only on the decision of physicians. It should closely follow your health. We have to act, if within 14 days after the return of the symptoms of a cold. In this case, you must contact the clinic or call the doctor at home, and during the reception to tell about the trip or about contacts with people arriving from affected countries. The decision to conduct the analysis of the coronavirus is made by the doctor depends on clinical manifestations of the disease. To test a swab taken from the nasopharynx. In severe disease, the patient may be hospitalized in the infectious ward needs to take a swab and test it again. Biomaterial goesAut for analysis to a laboratory of the CPS. If the results are negative, the patient was transferred from the infectious disease Department in the General, if he needs treatment. Also, the decision of the head of the CPS now has to be tested on COVID-19 all patients with a diagnosis of “pneumonia”.