because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection, Abkhazia closed its border with Russia in April. Restrictions was supposed to end yesterday, July 21. But, as the message on the website of the President of Abkhazia, they are extended until July 28.

Abkhazia is traditionally popular among Russian tourists. Staying there is relatively inexpensive, and climate – these subtropics. The Republic lies just South of Sochi, so the tourist season lasts until October. As a regular direct air and railway communication between Russia and Abkhazia there (by plane or train, you can only get to Adler, and from there by minibus or bus to cross the border), thousands of tourists travel to exotic country on private transport. This year those wishing to travel in his car only increased. Certainly after the opening of the border, the Russians will traditionally travel to warmer Abkhazia.

But whether it is necessary after returning to Russia to go on a 14-day quarantine? Have explained “the Russian newspaper” in the CPS. It was recalled that the withdrawal for 14 days reversed only for those passengers who will arrive in Russia on a regular air flights from countries with which it is planned resumption of air links.

If a person enters the territory of Russia on the machine, it these standards do not apply, specified in the CPS. According to the rules, all those who will cross the Russian border, fill out the questionnaire at the checkpoints. Data is sent to the CPS.

nevertheless, the situation is still developing. Russian and Abkhaz sides are constantly interacting on combating coronavirus. Maybe for tourists requirements and will be mitigated. But at the moment no such information.

by the Way, on the eve of the sanitary service of Abkhazia has released a clarification for tourists. According to the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR), which reviewed the recommendations of the sanitary-epidemiological service of the Republic of Abkhazia on the organization of work of leisure facilities to keep risks spread COVID-19, without a certificate about the absence of coronavirus tourists do not take in rest houses, boarding houses, sanatoriums and other places of accommodation.

“Welcome holidaymakers must be carried out exclusively in the presence of negative results of laboratory studies of the novel coronavirus infection COVID-19 received no later than 3 days before the day of arrival to the object of rest”, – quotes the document ATOR.

the Requirement of having a reference for all accommodation – hotels, guest houses, boarding houses, sanatoriums, etc. Differences between them is not done. In many ways, the document repeats the previously issued CPS recommendations for Sanat��RNO-resort organizations. In particular, the room offered to settle for one person, except when he visits family.