So, the choice of barbecue, Packed at a meat processing plant or meat processing plant, in Roskoshestvo recommend first of all to choose a well-known manufacturer. “The label must have complete information about the barbecue and its manufacturer. Note on ingredients: it should be as simple as if you marinated the barbecue themselves at home”, – are reported words of the doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Anastasia Semenova.

the label should also specify the category of meat. Prefabricated meat categories A and B – vegetable kebabs with a low content of fat and connective tissue. Categories G and D with a high content of fat and connective tissue, its biological value is lower. In this meat, experts say, below the “content of complete protein, essential amino acids, and b vitamins, iron and zinc”.

Experts Roskoshestvo emphasize that if you have to carry the semi-finished product to the country or the city, on a picnic, not a barbecue in the “white” sauces, for example mayonnaise-based, as the risk of food poisoning in this case increases. “Consistency can turn sour in the heat”, – experts explain.

When buying sliced and marinated kebab Roskoshestvo advise you to pay attention to the size and weight of the pieces: they should be homogeneous to barbecue evenly reached readiness. It is also important that the structure of the meat was dense.

“Appreciating the freshness of the barbecue, remember that stale, putrid smell is impossible to disguise any additives and formulation ingredients. Even if you don’t pay attention to the smell of raw kebab, then in finished form, already trying, will definitely smell and taste spoiled, stale product,” – said in the message.

to Prepare the skewers on the coals, it is only necessary so that there are no flames. The safest way of cooking meat is roasting in foil, which protects the product from contact with carcinogenic substances formed during combustion. In this way, experts say, it is possible to avoid the formation of carcinogens in the meat from the open fire.

Those who marinates the meat by itself, Roskoshestvo is recommended to remember that unsalted meat to heat treatment should remain at a temperature of from 0 to 4 degrees. Salted and pickled meat at temperatures above 6 degrees Celsius.